The health and well-being of our staff and clientele is our top priority.

As we navigate through these unchartered times, we pledge to provide the same high quality food and service with a multilayer approach with guidance from the public health experts.

We are working with our employees and training our staff on cleaning and disinfecting protocols.


Masks and Gloves: While guests will be strongly encouraged to wear masks in public areas, employees will be required to wear an approved mask while working at our offices, kitchen, warehouse, client’s homes and Venues. We will continue to have our own kitchen set up as we are fully equipped. Gloves will continue to be worn by employees who require them to do their job.

Temperature Check:  Extensive employee protocols and training have been put in place including screening questions, employee temperature checks with touchless thermometer and training programs on health and safety protocols. We ask employees to stay at home if they have COVID-19 related symptoms or live with someone who has recently tested positive.

Handwashing & Enhanced Sanitation: Our Employees will find easy access to handwashing stations and hand sanitizer throughout our kitchen, property and event set ups. Although our cleaning protocols have always been important, we have increased the amount of routine cleaning, with a focus on high-touch surfaces and common areas using cleaning products that meet the health guidelines.

Physical And Social Distancing: We will implement 6-foot physical distancing among employees as imposed by CDC

China, Flatware, And Glassware: To be washed through our state of the art commercial dishwasher that sterilizes all product by using high temperature (180 Degrees Fahrenheit) We also added UV light Stations and air filters in our building.

All China, Flatware, Glassware to be sealed in plastic, inspected by and event manager and set up by staff with mask and gloves.

Bars, Ovens, Work Tables, And Hotboxes: To be sprayed and wiped down with approved disinfectant prior to each and every event

Deliveries: All Trucks to be hosed down, mopped and sprayed with approved disinfected prior and after each and every event

AS OF MAY 20TH, 2020

Bars: Soft drinks will be single use cans, no bottles

All bar fruit to be in closed containers, social distancing 6 feet apart

Buffets: Even though we are not clear as to what the CDC allows we will try to limit buffets and stations for the time being and provide plated dinners. If we do buffet and stations Employees will be required to serve client for no contact purposes. We will also hand sanitizer available for clients at bars and buffet.

Appetizers Passed Around: We will still pass around appetizers, but each and every piece will be individually set in single serving container (Small plate, Shooter, cone, etc.)

Table, Chairs, Linens, Table Set up: employees with mask and gloves will set tables and chairs up. As an additional prevention all will be sprayed and wiped down with disinfected. All Linens are dry cleaned only and sealed in plastic wrap

We will limit people per table and space.

We are confident in our companies operating experience and our expertise in safely managing small and large gatherings

We will continue to update our staff and clients on public safety and health guidelines and evolve with the safety protocols.

On behalf of Alexander Event Team We can’t wait to celebrate with our clients and industry colleagues soon!

Please feel free to email us or call us with any questions or concerns.


[email protected]