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A Alexander Events has the best event hosting services in the Fort Lauderdale area! If you’re looking to host a fun event at an energetic location, you must first learn a few things about the Fort Lauderdale area so you can get a feel for what the area offers :

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Fort Lauderdale is located in Broward County right on the Eastern Coast of Florida. With beautiful beaches directly on the Atlantic Ocean it’s a great summer escape for people looking to enjoy the sun, play in the sand, shop, and dine at night. Visitors also enjoy close proximity to Miami, best known as one of America’s greatest cities for nightlife. With multiple fascinating locations to choose from and A Alexander Event’s you are destined to have a memorable event.

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Fort Lauderdale was home to native Indians for thousands of years until the Spanish conquistadors came to discover America in the 16th century. These people, named the Tequesta, were gone by the mid 1700s when they were moved to Cuba due to the British takeover of Florida. This put an end to the Seven Year War in 1763 after the Treaty of Paris was put into effect. What we now call Fort Lauderdale was a battlefield for the Second Seminole War (abandoned in 1842). It was abandoned for a number of years and didn’t officially become a city until early 1900s. It’s a historic place with hundreds of stories that attracts upwards of 10 million tourists a year.

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– Besides being a cultural center for a number of museums, beaches, restaurants and nightclubs, Fort Lauderdale also hosts the Fort Lauderdale Swap Shop, which is one of Florida’s largest flea markets. Aquatic centers (International Swimming Hall of Fame), sporting outlets (kayaking, surfing), and more. Hotels, restaurants, bars and lounges are the highlight of this “HOT” town.
-You don’t need a car to get around in Fort Lauderdale; Broward County Transit provides bus routes that don’t only take you around Fort Lauderdale, but also to other parts of the state, like Palm Beach and Miami-Dade.
– Our chef, Felix Alexander, frequents the beaches, shops, and local businesses here, allowing him to have his pulse on the cities hottest attractions.
– This city and its neighbors actively host various sport teams, such as NHL’s Florida Panthers, NBA’s Miami Heat, and the MLB’s Florida Marlins. Fort Lauderdale is also home to a number of celebrities, including musician Marilyn Manson, NASCAR’s Sean Murphy, and NFL’s Isaac Bruce.

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A Alexander Event loves catering in Fort Lauderdale. With over 25+ years of authentic experience, we will make your event unforgettable. Guaranteed.

We look forward to serving your catering Fort Lauderdale needs.