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Creating the ideal wedding,-one that is intimate, fun and uniquely your own- is a process as joyful, as the moment you say I do. Bride magazines, party planers and caterers, help brides to go on the journey of their lives with inspirational images and expert advice providing them with all they need on a truly unforgettable day.

From deciding on the shoes that carry you down the isle to picking the icing on top of your cake, you’ll make numerous choices, some that you never anticipated.

Brides and grooms follow examples from the past decades most memorable fetes and than they personalize it for themselves.

Practical advice and inspiration is always available.

Your engagement ring and wedding rings are tokens of true commitments to each other that touch you literally, every day of your lives The selection of these rings is a magical moment in the wedding process symbolizing the undying love for each other.

The mood of the wedding will be created by the location and décor that can be romantic, traditional, vintage, and contemporary and also lots of fun.

Today brides and grooms try to stay away from “uptight and stodgy’, preferring intimate, light and fun.

The dress, focal point of any wedding is the one that defines the bride, her taste with the veil and the accessories all together. From the most simple and low key dress to the most sophisticated and elegant one it is a mater of taste and budget. Designer wedding dresses cost a small fortune these days. Our Miami catering page is filled with details, check us out today!!!

Nerveless if you are like most brides, you’ll try on about 12 gowns before you find your “yes”, standing on a pedestal before the 3 way mirror.


Beside bridal salons, you’ll want to check out department stores, sample sales and vintage shops. You will look amazing at the end.

Nature’s pure untouched joy will bring beauty to any wedding. Nothing quite captures the thrill and delight of romance the way flowers do-love is said to bloom after all.

From the ancient times flowers symbolized fertility and good fortune or ward of evil spirits. Today the wedding flowers include a vast variety of choices from the traditional red rose bouquet to an accent on herbs and berries.

Where is the wedding going to take place? This is the question that is asked first by all. The venue will set the tone of the entire wedding. It could be a public park or a private country club, the choice has to do with taste, budget and number of quests invited.

Many people today stay away from the traditional catering halls looking for other settings than the ballroom, more like  loft spaces, museums and outdoor facilities to brake away from the old-fashioned party room and create a unique atmosphere.

A lot of thought has to be given to the food and liqueur to be served at the wedding. What will be served it is determined not just by budget and taste but also the time of day , the setting and the season.

There are many ways to serve amazing food and drink on a budget. A buffet dinner is less labor intensive than plated one therefore it will cost less.

Skipping desert will lower the cost as well; serving just cookies along with the wedding cake. Many older folks remember the lavish Viennese tables with all kinds of cakes and pastries. Today people are more health conscious and trying to stay away from too many sweets.

The wedding cake though is another symbol of love and romance and it is given special attention. The couple’s taste hobbies and shared history can inspire a very special cake.

Yes the big day requires a large amount of time in planning and creating the perfect event. Matching up with the right caterer who has the right connections in the field will most definitely be the key to executing the perfect event that will not be easily forgotten.