Often I get calls that sound like this:

“Caller:  Do you do catering?

Me: Yes, we sure do. How may I help you?

Caller: Well, how much does it cost?

Me: How much does what cost?

Caller: I’m planning a wedding and need to know what it might cost.”

The rest of the conversation is not important, at least not for now.

Am I the only one getting these calls? How do you respond?

Here is my approach:

1. I need more details. Where is the wedding, what is the date? What do you have in mind as far as food and beverage? Is it a formal black tie or is it a more casual event? Do you have a theme, do you have decor picked out, do you have entertainment taken care of? Look up our Miami catering website and see what we are about…

Do you have time to come in and sit down with me ? It would certainly make sense, since I can show you pictures and get into a lot more details.


Bride/groom calling in have never used my services or never attended a party we put on. Most likely, they found us online while looking for a caterer. Right off the bat, my job is way harder, they know nothing about me, about my business.

I go into explaining what we do: we do off premise catering and we can also assist in other areas: venue selection, decor, entertainment, floral decor, …just about anything short of invitations and favors.

Most brides/grooms would be happy to know that I can handle the entire event for them.

Then I go in and explain that a full menu with open bar, cocktail hour, dinner buffet, wedding cake, china, flatware and glassware, staff…will cost about $x,xxx.00

I either lose them on the spot ( too expensive)


They want me to email the menu


They just ask for a contract, they loved it all.

2.  Do you have a budget in mind for the entire reception?

I need to have a ballpark budget, I need a clue and here is why:

  • If I quote an expensive menu and bride is on a budget, I don’t get the job
  • If I quote too little, they might be looking for an upscale menu and have the budget to spend. In this case, I lose out…

How do you go about charging? How do you go about it???

Feedback much appreciated.