Weddings Boca Raton Sparkling Romance
Having a wedding in Boca? Call the Weddings Boca Raton specialists at (561)-243-2539. Imagine the scenic view of clear blue skies with seawater sparkling under the sunlight like the diamond ring on the bride’s finger and the music band playing ‘Love is in the Air’ in the background.

This may sound a little too perfect to be real as a wedding venue but it is not impossible if the couple do some planning from the beginning. Alexander Event Weddings Boca Raton, we have splendid ideas for wedding themes or environments and one can opt for professional advices from them for other resources like photography, wedding gowns, wedding gifts or honeymoon locations!

Weddings Boca Raton, The Cuisine

Red wine? White wine? Seafood? Vegetarian food? Vegans at your reception? We can accomodate any taste or culinary request. Alexander Event does an average of 50 Weddings Boca Raton each and every year.

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To add the extra fun into a perfect wedding reception, remember to arrange a good music band to play different genres of music that suit to the wedding theme and the guests so that they can have a good time enjoying a good reception and groove to the music and remember it as the best wedding reception they have ever attended.

Simple yet elegant

Simple yet elegant

Having a wedding reception in Boca Raton might be an overwelming project for the average person. For us, this is what we do, this is what we are the best at. For a small and simple reception, I will even party plan for you for free. Not only that I enjoy doing it, I am also pretty good at it (…), but I also like the fact that I am in control 110%.

I have party planners that I work with on regular basis as well. They are all familiar with our way of doing things, they know my staff, this only makes for a smoother party.

The Cuisine

We do everything….really. I have done Greek, American, French, Italian, Indian, Carribean, Venezuelan, Colombian, Kosher Style, Polish, Russian, Romanian, Hungarian….done it all and love doing different things all the time.

No cuisine is foreign to us. My culinary staff is very well trained and my service staff is specially trained for each and every party’s menu. When your guests have questions about a menu item, my entire staff will have an answer for them.

Weddings Boca Raton, Free Quote

My guarantee to the prospect bride and/or groom:

  • I will never use a frozen product
  • I will always treat you with respect
  • My goal is to offer you the best experience


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We usually return phone calls within hours, 24 hours at the most. Weekends are a little harder, but we do average 6 hours for a return phone call/proposal.

No caterer in town ( that I know of) can claim the above…We do offer the best customer service guaranteed.

Call us for a free quote on your next event, whether is a corporate function or planning weddings Boca Raton.