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Planning for the perfect wedding can be a fun time for couples-to-be and here’s a simple step-by-step guide on planning the perfect wedding dinner.

Whether both of you come from different background in terms of culture or religion, it should not be an obstacle to hold a wedding dinner reception together instead of separating it into two different occasions. Just remember to take into consideration the choice of food that is suitable for the guests for both sides and it is important to check if any guests are vegetarian or allergy sufferers to prevent any uneventful incident.

A wedding dinner would be so much fun and memorable with a theme. So start thinking what would be the perfect theme that both of you would love, whether it is medieval, oriental or a fairy tale theme. Sites such as Weddings Boca Raton have many great ideas that couples can browse through for themes and other great tips on preparing a wedding dinner.

Start writing a list of guests that you would like to invite as this is an important element to consider in deciding where to hold your dinner reception. This comes in handy when you plan on the quantity and type of food for the event in the later stage.

Choosing the right venue to hold the dinner reception is crucial because it is important to choose a venue that caters to your ideal dinner reception, convenient for your guests to attend, has good service and a good environment for everyone.

Once you have decided on those mentioned above, the next thing to consider is the logistics of wine and food. It is always advisable to select for a catering service than opting for self catering because it will save you time to do other preparations and save you the hassle on considering the logistics of it. There are many catering services available such as Caterer Fort Lauderdale or Caterer Boca Raton and if you want to seek for more options, try looking at Catering in Palm Beach.

Remember to prepare table gifts for each of your guest as a token of appreciation to them in attending the dinner reception and a unique keepsake in remembering the lovely event with you and your spouse.