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A Alexander Event and Catering

“Moon River wider than mile…” as romantic as this song, Fort Lauderdale could provide a venue compatible to this song for an exclusive wedding reception at night time. As wide as the moon river could go, Fort Lauderdale could provide the same capacity for a safe and memorable night cruise for the couple’s privilege guesses. Imagine having spent your special night on a well decorated cruise with your beloved relatives and friends and enjoyed your favorite flows of champagne to receiving tosses from everyone attended your reception; all this could be done at night and in the middle of a sea!

Fort Lauderdale is famous by the name “Second Venice” and it sure worth the crowned, as this place is well known for its yachting business. Only a little imagination is require to incorporate this fantastic place of yachting into a flourishing party at night. The theme for the reception party could be specially designed to suit your taste, all you have to do is discuss it with your wedding planner and the picture in your head could be turned into reality. Fort Lauderdale has unlimited potential to hold different wedding concept, be it the regular type in the morning or the more unconventional wedding approach in the evening. For the couples without a budget concern, an evening reception on a cruise would make a perfect choice for them.

Pertaining to the reception, the food serve take on an inevitable significant part in every couple’s memorable day in their life. Thus, choosing an award winning (if you have the budget) catering service is important. To all couples, you are guaranteed with no worries in Fort Lauderdale as Caterers Fort Lauderdale are renown for catering any types of food to suit your guess appetite.

In Fort Lauderdale, you will not need to compromise on below par wedding venue or services. Assurance is given to all the couples as the wedding coordinators in Fort Lauderdale will do their best to satisfy every couple’s needs. You just have to name it and you get what you want!