Tips For Hiring a South Florida Party Planner*

Throwing a party can be quite a task if you consider all the
preparation which is necessary to pull it off. Outdoor parties are great in South Florida’s balmy weather, but if you relatively have no experience with organizing gatherings, you could ease the burden off of your shoulders and hire a South Florida Party Planner.

Whether it’s an intimate dinner or a grand bar mitzvah, a good South Florida party planner takes care of all the work to the minutest detail, and can pull in together all the strings (catering, accommodations, décor, entertainment, invitations, valet parking, venue search), which make a great party work.

Of course, you want only the best in service. An ideal South Florida party planner should do more than facilitate a party, but should take an active part in the event itself, cutting costs where it is needed, and
adjusting when necessary. Since the planner should have enough
experience with putting together such gatherings, he or she should also
be able to make suggestions in the menu, the location, and the décor,
anything which probably haven’t crossed your mind but is a good idea
nonetheless. If you’re having a bar mitzvah, your South Florida party
planner should naturally be very familiar with Jewish customs and
kosher food for the occasion.

How should you choose a South Florida party planner?

You consider his or her advertised qualifications, and get as much previous customer
feedback as possible. This is why many people opt for those who are
recommended by a friend or relative. You get to really know a
planner’s good and bad side with second-hand knowledge. You may have attended a
friend or relative’s party and liked how it turned out as well –
this is first-hand knowledge of service, and is probably the best way to go.

If you choose to select your South Florida party planner from a directory,
try to contact the people whom they have serviced in the past so you
get an idea of how they work.

Once you’ve settled on a few candidates, it’s time to arrange an
interview with each of them; it is recommended that you meet the South
Florida party planner in person to ascertain if both of you click at
the get go. Alexander Event is one of the very few in the market that has a FULLY OPERATIONAL SHOWROOM.Do some research on the planner’s service history, and ask
about recently-organized parties. Let the planner talk in detail about his or
her latest event; did something go wrong with the event, and what did
he or she do to make up for it? How was the food? How many guests
attended and were they all accommodated accordingly? Was there a particularly
difficult guest whom the planner had to deal with personally? How was
the situation handled? Only after you’ve ensured that this South
Florida party planner is the one for you should you talk about rates. Inquire
about flat rates, and also whether the cost covers for an all-inclusive
package, or it is for specific services only. The fee should be
competitive enough when compared to other candidates.