Pitoresque Weddings Fort Lauderdale

The Weddings Fort Lauderdale experience is what almost every girl’s dreams of having in her once-in-a-lifetime journey to love and marriage. But before that dream becomes a reality, one must decide what catering service she is going to avail of. One way to do this is through the personal recommendation of one’s family and friends. This is okay if your relatives already wed, but what if you’re the first in the family, or what if they had a bad experience in their own event? You surely don’t want to repeat their mistakes do you? What if none of your friends or family members are aware of the ins and outs of catering services? Where will you go? One choice is to go to A Alexander Events and take your first step to your much awaited Wedding Fort Lauderdale experience.

South Florida is known is an ideal place to conduct a big and grand wedding because of its very romantic atmosphere. Fort Lauderdale can be found in that area. No wonder it is a favorite wedding spot among sweethearts who plan to tie the knot. It is said that the main reason why people decide to conduct their weddings on Fort Lauderdale is because of the not so humid climate and its white beaches. Truly, this is the right place for couples to wed.

And since the place is perfect, your Wedding Fort Lauderdale experience would be even more beautiful if you happen to choose a catering service that provides for all of your wedding needs. A Alexander Event is the perfect catering team for this kind of service. We surely know how to pull off an event well.

A Alexander Event, founded by Chef Felix Alexander, has been providing catering services to weddings and other events for over 25 years now. Some of the events that they cater to are engagement parties, birthday parties, and bar and bat mitzvahs among others. We also conduct catering services for corporate events such as cocktail parties, fund raising activities, team building seminars, and more. We offer catering services to almost all places in South Florida including Boca Raton, West Palm Beaches, and Delray Beach.

Weddings Fort Lauderdale, The Cuisine

What make A Alexander Event truly unique are our original dishes that can only be found and eaten at our catered events.  Aside from that, we offer affordable prices so that you can avail of their best services and make your Wedding Fort Lauderdale experience a dream come true.

We are familiar with just about every cuisine, our chefs have trained with master chefs from around the world. We only use fresh ingredients, never frozen. Your menu will be crafted to reflect the best of local produce, seafood and cuisines. Here is a sample of some of our basic menus: HERE. We create each and every menu based on your speacial occassion, based on your personal taste and budget…no two parties are alike.

Outdoor Wedding setup


Often Weddings Fort Lauderdale take place in Catering    Halls and/or Private Homes. Our culinary chefs are acustomed to cooking off site and have the ability to create true masterpieces whether is the catering hall in East Fort Lauderdale or the privacy of a mansion off of Las Olas.

Call or contact us for a free quote, our contact details are on THIS PAGE, we look forward to hearing from you, working with you and adding you to our extensive list of extremely happy customers!! Your Weddings Fort Lauderdale friendliest catering staff.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]