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Alexander Event is the top notch Miami catering companies with over 25 years of experience in the catering field. We are a  high end catering service that provides for your weddings, parties, and other corporate events such as team building and fund raising activities minus the high price. This catering business is personally managed by owner Chef Felix Alexander so you can expect nothing but the best. Miami catering is like a piece of cake for this chef and manager. He knows the business inside and out and he got more than 25 years of solid experience to back it up.

South Florida is famous for its big and grand weddings because of the romantic climate and beautiful beaches it can offer. Most couples go here to express their vows of love and to simply have the best of time of their loves. But there are a lot of things that should be considered when you are a planning a Florida wedding, one of this is which catering service to avail of. Because of the diverse characteristics of the catering services in Miami, such as style, cost, and the number of guest that can be accommodated, logic dictates that you should choose a Miami catering service that would meet all of your desired preferences, without compromising anything.

The food, Miami Catering Companies

The first thing to consider when choosing from the Miami catering companies is of course, the food. The food should taste very good, fitting every moment of the occasion. Nothing beats guests who’ll leave your event full of happiness on their face and of delicious food in their stomachs.

Aside from this, the catering service that you will be availing of should have more than enough staff. They should have the manpower to keep your event safe and fun. They are the ones who will ensure the flow of the event as well as the assist the guests who arrive and leave. Also, ask the catering service about the kind of theme that they are willing to provide. The set up of the bar should also be asked. Find out when the bar will start opening and closing.

We all know that there are still a lot of things that must be measured when looking for a catering service. The pointers mentioned above are just some of the things that are needed to be considered first hand. Be sure to always make a list of the things that you want your catering service to have to make your event organized and successful.

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