Hiring a West Palm Beach Caterer for your Destination Weddingby

Alexander Event and Catering


Destination weddings have become a popular trend in recent years and Florida is a hot bed of activity for couples looking to combine their honeymoon and wedding. Planning a destination wedding can be difficult because you don’t have the ability to do any of the leg work on your own. When you go to hire a West Palm Beach caterer for your destination wedding it can be very unnerving because you have a limited ability to see their work or taste their food.

When you are looking for a West Palm Beach caterer for your destination wedding you need someone to be your eyes and taste buds for you. You need to hire a wedding planner or coordinator to evaluate each West Palm Beach caterer you are considering on your behalf. It is important that your coordinator be impartial so that they evaluate each West Palm Beach caterer fairly and don’t have one they always use already locked down. What you want and what you like is the most important thing and you need a wedding planner that understands that.

Once you have a wedding planner to evaluate West Palm Beach caterers for you it is important to discuss your tastes with them. Let them know what you like and don’t like so that they can adequately evaluate each West Palm Beach caterer. They should also provide you with copies of the menus and price sheets from each West Palm Beach caterer that they visit so that you can decide what you want them to sample during their tasting. Additionally, ask the wedding planner that you hire to take notes on each caterer and give them a firm idea of qualities that are important to you in a caterer. This way they know what to look for when they are taking notes.