A great wedding is always accompanied by a sumptuous wedding feast that adds to the total joy of an auspicious event. As a wedding is an one time event, no shortcomings in event management and care should be allowed and with food catering being one of the most critical juncture of a wedding function, care must be taken to ensure that the your guests are not left disappointed with the meals and drinks at store after all the formalities are completed. Unfortunately, wedding caterings can get pretty expensive if left astray and great care must be taken to ensure that you deliver a flawless meal without any shortcomings even if you are on a budget. Always keep in mind that even a rather humble meal course can be turned into a great success if delivered with modestly, class and love.

Keeping Fort Lauderdale Caterers in mind, let us review certain ideas that will help you cut down on your catering budget without comprising on quality or taste.

A buffet system for a wedding can always turn out to be much more cost effective than a sit down due to the lesser number of staff involved. Besides, a buffet based wedding in a decent location makes the event even more fun filled and classy. If the marriage is to be held in late morning, serving a good quintet of salads makes great sense. You can serve a wide array of wide array of salad dressings and fruits. Simillary if the wedding is to be held in the evenings, you can insist your Fort Lauderdale catering service provider to arrange a wide selection of deserts and with beverages like coffee and tea. You can also arrange for food items such as oysters, chicken wings and egg rolls. In addition, you can always serve your guests cake if the event is not held during meal times.

One of the biggest follies of any wedding party is serving an overdose of wine and alcohol. This can often shoot your budget a great deal and often mess up your entire wedding plans. In this regard, you can ask your Fort Lauderdale caterer to stock only a limited supply of wine or even cut out alcoholic drinks from the overall menu so that you do not have to overpay and also avoid the risk of someone getting hung up and ruining the party.

One of the biggest worries for any wedding event is that you may not have the total number of guests for whom you have reserved the meals. As a rule of the thumb, keep in mind that nearly 5-10% people fail to turn up for the event and a careful planning with this regard can save quite a lot of money which you spend elsewhere. Always appoint someone to keep a count of the total number of confirmed guests for the party so that you have a clear idea of who all will be missing out the event. Once you come up with a final number, talk to your Fort Lauderdale Caterer about the situation at hand and he/she can always alter the total number of plates to be served so that you end up saving more. One of the best ways to make a wedding a grand success is to ensure that you appoint those Fort Lauderdale Catering services that have a fine track record in serving with humbleness and modesty. Remember that good serving and a neat ambience counts for a lot in the end. A good choice of crockery will also help you as it makes the overall eating experience a royal one without burning a hole in your pocket.

A wedding is that one time when you can forget all bitterness and ravel in the spirit of eternal union. While it is the marriage itself that holds primary importance, it should be noted that much of the fun and merry making takes place at the buffet or sit down’s . Unlike most other functions, a wedding catering service is not tied down by huge time constraints and you can always add to the taste to the food courses offered with your gentle and modest approach. With the above given ideas in mind, ensure that you communicate well with your Fort Lauderdale catering service provider properly before coming upon a final decision so that you get the bets of both worlds i.e. a great party without much expenses on your Fort Lauderdale caterers.