Green Wedding for a Greener WorldCaterers West Palm Beach, Caterers Fort Lauderdale


A Alexander Event and Catering

Being an environment lover or an environmentalist does not mean to sacrifice your dream wedding and settle for a more environmental friendly wedding. You could still have fun even if you choose your wedding to have it in a more friendly way to produce less wastage to the environment.

If you love environment then you would probably fall for beach as well, what destination could win your heart other then this lovely beach and more to have Wedding in West Palm Beach. You could have a small wedding ceremony by the seaside savings all those electricity needed to generate air condition if you choose to have it in an enclose room. You could do more by choosing a simple yet elegance gown as your wedding dress. Therefore, planning and make your preparation months ahead will do you more good than bad. You could have your invitation card send out via email and for those without an email you could confirm them with a phone call. This will saved you money and at the same time contributing to preserve our mother earth depleting resources. Creating a website of your own is another method to announce your wedding to your entire guess list. You could update the webpage with photos and info on your preparation so that all the people invited could feel the joy and happiness spread by you. You could receive a feedback of greetings from them as well. However, if you still prefer the conventional invitation card, you could go for recyclable cards or if you are a creative person make your guess a handmade card with design of your own. In this way, you can even encourage your guest to use the card as bookmark rather than throwing it away.

On your big day, wedding reception plays an important role. Choosing the food that suits everyone attending is a big headache. Why not try something new by introducing organic food into your menu? Organic could be delicious and at the same time a healthier choice. Going organic means going less oil as well (its healthier with less oil) thus it saved on the detergent used to clean the cooking or used utensils! Talk to your caterer and choose those that would like to take up the challenge by preparing a delicious organic meal. Choose Caterers such as Caterers West Palm Beach or Caterers Fort Lauderdale if you heart a destination wedding in the beach. Go green on your special day by contributing the ideas of wedding to your lovely guest and hopefully to expect another green wedding to come.