Finding Great Miami Caterers

I’m going to help you find great Miami caterers. In a city as big as Miami, you’re going to have a lot of selection available and they’re all going to appear to be very good, but we all know that isn’t true. There are a lot of catering businesses that are simply pathetic. Most catering services are provided by relatively new businesses that just jumped into the market. They don’t know how to handle problems or how to properly run a service. If your event requires catering that is important, than you don’t want to risk it on a potentially bad business. There are specific characteristics that you should be looking for when finding great Miami caterers and I’m going to present them to you.

Here is a fundamental characteristic that cannot be compromised: a chef. A lot of catering services don’t provide food that was prepared by a chef. It’s something like a family business where a mom cooks. I’m not saying that you can’t get great food that way, but cooking for a family of 4 is a lot different than preparing food for 300 wedding guests. A chef learns more than just cooking great food, but they also learn how to manage a kitchen in such a way to produce the maximum amount of dishes in the shortest period of time. Guests don’t want to wait an hour to eat, so make sure there is a chef in charge.

Great Miami caterers, the experience

Another important part of finding great Miami caterers is all around experience. I mentioned above that there are young businesses out there that haven’t even been providing catering services for more than a year. Most people are looking to make a fast buck and that’s it. You want a business that has been around for years because they have the experience of handling all sorts of catering events. They also have a staff with experience too. This is much harder to find, even in the Miami area.

When it comes to great Miami caterers that meet the characteristics that I’ve listed, the only one that I can see is Alexander Catering and Event Planning. It is headed up and run by a chef with over 25 years of experience. That means the catering service will be run perfectly. The business has also been going for 8 years now, which means they have more than enough experience to handle any sort of event. Book your event today, so that you are guaranteed to have the best caterers in Miami.


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