Get married in the ocean!Forget white wedding in a church; destination wedding seems to be the latest hype these days. From beach wedding to a wedding that will take you into cloud nine literally, finding a perfect way to tie the knot can left you overwhelmed with choices. While many couple would settle for a more conventional theme wedding, still some would prefer a little adventure on their big day. A recent survey by revealed that while one in 10 couples now plans a destination wedding, a select few are adding adventure to their nuptials, with ceremonies on skis and glaciers, underwater, in the African bush, even in the stratosphere. For some, staple destination nuptials like a Caribbean beachfront wedding have grown too ‘lame’.

While a combination of white wedding dresses and tuxedos with masks, tanks, flippers, right down to waterproof marriage certificates and waterproof pens may sounds bizarre to some, it is definitely something that diving enthusiast will not be able to resist, not to mention it will make yours an unforgettable wedding for everyone in attendance. The magnificent coral setting along with the colorful reef inhabitants of the underwater world provides a beautiful background for your special day, so you can marry while marveling at the scenic view at the same time. In keeping with this trend, more favorite beach spots are offering underwater wedding in their itinerary nowadays. There’s even an annual underwater wedding event in Thailand’s southern province of Trang in February; the event is in The Guiness Book of Records as being the largest underwater wedding ceremony. Another popular destination is Indonesia’s Bali, which organized underwater wedding for certified divers or weddings with pool setting for non-certified divers.

To have your wedding underwater, a couple will generally need to take a couple of diving classes as part of the agreement with the company that provides the package. The wedding party is then assessed for their diving abilities before they are declared as being safe to continue with the big dive. Brides and grooms are legally married in the presence of the registrar either on the boat deck or the beach, before putting on their dive masks and oxygen tanks and repeat the ceremony under the sea where they can write dialogue with the aid of slates or plastic boards and waterproof pen. Guests may choose to stay on the boat and watch from video views of the wedding underwater; it’s a good idea to have the boat decorated with some bridal accessories so that your guests can feel the excitement that is taking place underwater.

Having an underwater wedding means you’ll only be needing a few bridal accessories to compliment the ceremony; most of the necessary diving equipment is usually provided. A good idea for reception could be a beach party for your guests. Underwater wedding are definitely a unique idea of a themed wedding. Couples may even be able to enjoy their honeymoon underwater in the coming years.