Wedding Bells in Architectural Bliss

Catering Palm Beach, Catering Palm Beach Gardens

Palm Beach Gardens pride itself with its Art in Public Places. This was accomplished through the efforts of the business community and the City Council. These art pieces are found all over the city as seeming hidden and not so hidden treasures. Some of these art pieces are the Contiguous Currents, Butterfly Grove, Art in Public Places Banners, Be Right Back…, Dian, Whitetail Deer, Journeys, Double Rainbow, Concrete Columns, Diana, Tortoise, Leaping Gazelle, TripTych, Maya, Doctor Patient Relationship, Key Deer, Catch of the Day, Heroes in Fountain, Poppies, Blue Herons, Ambers’ Mood for Wind and Water, Golf Ball and Tee, Magician’s Birthday, Mother and Baby Giraffe, Mermaid, Mirage: A Columned Courtyard, Children, Gabriel, Eagle, Flames of Life, Sic Itor Ad Astar.

These art pieces are great backgrounds or foregrounds for pre-nuptial or actual nuptial pictures of soon-to-wed or just-married couples. The ceremony for the wedding or the location of the reception can also be around or near this art pieces; the art pieces serving as a centerpiece of the whole occasion. Truly, the wedding is set in architectural heaven.

Now that the venue for the pre-nuptial or nuptial pictorial, wedding ceremony or wedding reception is already set, what other things may be needed for the wedding preparation? There are the wedding dress and the other apparel needed by the groom and entourage. These can easily be found in one of the cosmopolitan shopping centers in Palm Beach Gardens. There are also the accommodations for the couple and their guests, which the hotels and inns in Palm Beach Gardens can provide. The food for the pictorials and the wedding itself is quite easy as Catering Palm Beach Gardens’ private occasions and Catering Palm Beach Gardens’ weddings are as easy as 1-2-3, with all the superb restaurants, dishes and chefs that can be found in the city.