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A Alexander Event and Catering

Welcome to the world of marriage, being a newbie and first time being introduced as husband and wife could be a new experience to you. So, what do you have to do in a wedding reception after all the official ceremony? The wedding reception is the place to have fun with your guess! It is the time to show them your appreciation towards their present in your special day.

Before the reception gets into action, you need to make preparation for the reception such as list of guess to invite, catering service, decoration theme and etc. You could have a help from a well recognize wedding planner to plan from the very beginning for you and saved you from a headache. The most important would be to get a dress that fits you well and let you shine throughout the day! The design of the dress depends entirely on every bride’s taste. Some might go for a simple but elegant while others might prefer laces that could outshine their cute character.

Next, the pick of venue for the reception, venue to hold the reception would have affected the food served as well. If you choose a beach theme for reception you might want to have a BBQ sort of party served. The theme of your reception should reflect in the food and decoration at site. For an enjoyable beach catering experience choose those that have a reputation in the country for example Caterers West Palm Beach in Florida that have earned their name throughout the years of providing catering services. Stick to the well known provider and you are on your way to a memorable wedding reception.

On the real day, the newly wed often requires to start their first dance after all the speeches and toast. Make sure you attended few classes to brush up your “bridal waltz” before the real-time “exam” takes place. Most important choose a song that you really enjoy and familiar then you could scores with ace in dancing part. With all those hard work on preparation you can assure yourself and your guesses a successful and wonderful reception.