Bread Cereal Rice and Pasta Food Group Guide

I love whole wheat bread, French bread, Italian bread, you name it. I love pasta of all types and shapes. In fact, I don’t think I’ve met a type of pasta I didn’t like. Rice and cereal are also delicious!

Each of these foods consists mostly of carbohydrates, though many contain varying amounts of protein and fat. Although my own meals are made up primarily of carbohydrates (typically 50-70%), they haven’t made me gain body fat, despite the fact that some people say they will. Don’t listen to those people! Remember this important principle when trying to lose weight. Too many calories ingested and too few calories burned are what make people overweight.

Some of the foods from this category are calorie-dense, however. Store-bought muffins or cookies, for example, are often outrageously high in fat and calories, so they would be a poor choice for a weight-conscious individual. Many so-called “low-fat” choices are still very high in calories. Make sure you read the labels! And it is often what you add to these foods that creates a calorie problem. Too much butter on bread, thick cream sauces over pasta, and lots of syrup on pancakes are huge calorie culprits. So be careful!

Try to emphasize whole-grain products over refined products. Whole grain products typically contain more dietary fiber and nutrients. Besides, most white sandwich breads taste like whipped air!

Although six to eleven daily servings are recommended, the actual number you eat will depend on your body size. Smaller people need fewer calories, thus, they need fewer servings. And always watch your portion sizes.

My recommendation is to eat a variety of choices from this food group to get balanced, well-rounded, satisfying nutrition. Just watch your portion sizes and be careful what you add to these foods in terms of high-fat and high-calorie toppings.