Hosting an event at a posh venue in upscale Boca Raton can be quite pricey, but if money isn’t an issue for you in the first place, then go ahead and splurge to your heart’s content. Business is booming, no doubt, with a party happening at any given time and place. If you plan to have your own function at Boca Raton, you won’t go wrong with Boca Raton Catering services. The city is dotted with fine dining restaurants, and it is but natural that Boca Raton Catering services rank among the best in the country as well.

Elbow-rubbing functions usually start with hors d’oeuvres samplings, whether you plan to have a full dinner or a cocktail party. For Boca Raton catering services which come with full meals, hors d’oeuvres should be available at the early hours of the function. For cocktails and tea parties, these usually take the place of the main course. Finger foods come in all assortments, depending on the function and the entrée on the main meal (if it is offered). Hors d’oeuvres can be laid out on tables, allowing the guests to choose as they please, or they can be offered on separate trays by roaming attendants.

Receptions which are held in facilities like restaurants and hotels usually come packaged with Boca Raton catering services, and all you have to do is to select from a set menu. However, if the venue does not offer food as a part of the package, you’ll have to hire Boca Raton catering services from third parties. Boca Raton catering services are responsible for the preparation, decoration, and the serving of food. These also answer for the beverages, and for the task of cleaning up after the function. Ensure that you are in agreement with your Boca Raton catering service provider before you sign the contract; the agreement should detail the kind and amount of meals to be served, the per-head cost of meals, and the number of attendants to be provided.

The meals can be served either in buffet style, or as individual per-plate portions. Choose the menu in accordance to the time of the day, the season, and the type of function. Boca Raton catering services offer lots of dish alternatives which suit every purpose, but for larger events, you won’t go wrong with chicken or beef entrees. Talk to your Boca Raton catering service provider and ask for their specialties. It is best to choose a Boca Raton catering service provider which specializes in a specific dish if you want that option to be available at the meal.

If you want to have an open bar at the reception and the venue does not offer liquor, your Boca Raton catering service provider can answer for this need as well – so long as it carries an alcohol license, and the venue allows the serving of such beverages. Make sure that the bar sticks to the laws on minors, and since you may be made to answer legally for your guests, you may want to moderate alcohol consumption, say a drink per hour per guest.