Plenty of information related to recipes, cooking, dieting, and nutrition is available today, both on the web and in print. Likewise, there are many web sites that present highly technical and scientific information about food. Food science and technology play a signigicant role in your health and well being, and will be discussed in more detail below.

Food science is another area offering a wealth of information for people who want to learn about food. As someone who has a degree in food science and technology, I personally know many well informed and intelligent people who have no idea what food science is. Most people, when thinking about food, don’t think about test tubes and microscopes. They think of skillets and microwaves. However, today many branches of science come to play during food production. From the beneficial bacteria in your yogurt to the artificial flavors in your soda, science plays a big role when it comes to food.

Food technology is related to food science. However, it typically refers to the processing methods and machinery used to produce, store, preserve, and package specific foods. Food technology is more important than ever since most people today don’t grow all their own food or prepare everything they consume at home from scratch. The many technological advances in food processing over the last century offer consumers the convenience and timesaving advantages their ancestors didn’t have access to.

However, since there are so many food choices available today, it is advantageous to the consumer to be well informed about the food they buy and eat. We can feel pretty secure about the quality and safety of the tomatoes we grow in our own gardens but what about the ones at the supermarket? Knowing and understanding what goes into your food, and how it is made, can help you to decide among the wide variety of food items available. The food you buy and, subsequently, eat can affect your nutrition, your health, your feeling of satisfaction, and your finances so it is to your advantage to be well informed. It’s also fun learning about food just for the heck of it.